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Fallout - Ellen Hopkins What a great ending to the trilogy!I did not expect that it would take me so damn long to read this novel, but work and school were very stressful and I didn't have time for anything. But taking me so long to read it did not mean that I haven't enjoyed reading this.I loved how the story took place twenty years after Kristina's demise with the monster. It is told from three different perspectives: Hunter, Autumn and Summer. They are three of her five kids and the story was about how Kristina's addiction affected them in several ways. It was gripping and authentic and I loved reading about all of the different characters. All of them had problems and they were trying to cope with those problems as well as with being a teenager and not having/having their mother in their life. The writing was great. I will definitely read more of Ellen Hopkins in the future. Her writing style is just too good not to read any more of it. Also her storywriting brings everything to the point and I love the rawness and authenticity of it.