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Winger - Andrew  Smith Wow. This book just gave me all of the feels.I knew from the first page that I would like this novel.The humor and the crudeness were definitely snort-worthy and I had to laugh out loud quite a few times.The comic strips were a big plus for me - I love it, when books have a few illustrations in them. Ryan Dean was a great main character. He just had balls and a great humor. I liked how he developed throughout the book. It was so much fun to read! I love settings in boarding schools and I just devoured this one. I read this almost 500-page book in only two sittings!It amazes me how I was laughing for the first 400 pages and the book was more of a light and fun read and then everything changes. The writing is more serious and I knew that something was going to happen and then BAM! all of the feelings came pouring over me and I started crying.In the end it was more of an intense read than I expected. And I loved every second of it!