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Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany's:I have never seen the movie, but I definitely didn't expect this. Holly was not as classy and glamorous as I thought she would be, she was quirky and modern and I really warmed up to her and her behaviour quickly.Although I thought that her behaviour and her actions were irrational quite a few times, it suited her.I also liked that the story was told from "Fred's" POV, who was a writer and lived in the same house as Holly did.The end was kind of abrupt, but it was fine by me, I enjoyed the story.4/5 starsHouse of Flowers:I didn't know what to expect of the short stories, but I liked this one a lot. It reminded me a bit of some fairy tales that I have read when I was younger. Not more to say, as the stories were pretty short.3/5 starsA Diamond Guitar:This was not as interesting as the previous short story, but it was still alright. I liked the theme of friendship in this one.2.5/5 starsA Christmas Memory:This one was not for me. I was just simply bored and didn't get the point of the story at all.1/5 starsA total of: 2,63 stars