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Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott This was my first audiobook and I must say that I really enjoyed it.Kate Reinders had a very nice reading voice and read it very authentic and it suited all of the characters and although I usually fall asleep when listening to audiobooks, I must say that this was a nice little adventure because I was hooked from the first few minutes.The story that is told from Alice's perspective is gripping and horrifying at the same time.Alice tells the reader about her feelings, about her everyday life, about everything. And she seems so genuine. And I felt so sorry for her and I wanted her to be able to do something and she couldn't and wouldn't and argh!!Also, Ray. This #!$@*!! I couldn't stand him. I guess, he was supposed to be that way and to me it was clear from almost the beginning, why he was doing these things (years of crime tv shows have taught me that) and although he had suffered, it was no reason to start hurting other people.Adding other supporting characters to the story who didn't suspect anything added to the whole atmosphere; I rooted for Alice the whole time.I am really able to say something about the writing style, as I didn't really read this, but I loved how it was told, so I fell in love with the beautiful writing albeit the not so pretty story itself.