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Living Dead in Dallas  - Charlaine Harris I read Dead Until Dark back in 2010 and I attempted to read the second installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series after finishing and enjoying the first book, but I just had enough of vampires and could not really get into the story.I wanted to read something light and I thought that continuing with the series might be a good idea. I haven't read stories about vampires now for a long time and I was sick of it after this big hype around Twilight. But now I really liked reading about vampires again.The story itself was alright. I liked the mystery.Other than that there was not much to like for me. Sookie behaved like your typical Mary Sue and I couldn't stand her at times, especially when she complied herself to Bill like she was his servant. In other situations she even seemed tough so I didn't know what to make of her odd behaviour.I am growing to love Eric more and more, I like how he acts around Sookie and their talks are fun to read.All in all I enjoyed this mystery and I'm going to continue reading this series soon, I hope.