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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I heard so many good things about this novel and a few not so good things.I read this novel for the YA Book Club and I just adored it.I loved that Eleanor was not your typical main character. She wasn't perfect. She was big and had wild red hair and her family life sucked.Park seemed to be the complete opposite. He was half Asian, yes, but other than that he had friends and a great family life.There were a lot of aspects of racism that I've seen other people criticize, but I've talked about this topic with my boyfriend and he said that in the eighties a lot of people were like that. Probably not intentionally (at least not all of them), but it still happened these days. As I thought about it, it didn't even seem pretentious, but a gave a real-life feel, like you really were in the eighties.I loved also all the pop-culture references, the music and the movies and also all of these graphic novels.The story was really cute and it was captivating. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next and next and then after that as well.I adored the writing style. The changing POV's between Eleanor and Park were well done, I liked the continuous changes and to see how each character felt and what they thought at the same moments.It was such a lovely read.