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Requiem (Delirium, #3) - Lauren Oliver I was excited to finally read the third and last part of the trilogy, but I also was a bit anxious because I've heard that the ending was such a disappointment.I liked how the chapters were divided between Lena and Hana. I liked the 'Hana' parts more, though. I thought that it was interesting to read from Hana's POV. She was after all cured and it was great to see how she manages living with the cure.Lena's chapters were mostly not that interesting, at least in the beginning. There was too much description of the nature, it seemed like Oliver wanted to fill the story with those descriptions.Other than that, I loved the writing. Lauren Oliver knows how to use words to create such a great and beautifully composed story.I wasn't disappointed in the ending at all. For me, there was a bit of closure. Sure, there a quite a few questions still unanswered, but that makes the ending so fitting for the end of the trilogy. At least, I am satisfied with it.