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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein I had high expectations for this novel. Also the blurb sounded so promising and the overall Goodreads rating was exceptionally good.I love historical fiction especially with in the period around World War II, but then I was let down. All the technical terms and the talking about all that plane stuff made it more of a chore for me to read through the single chapters.But. I think the writing was very captivating and although there were a lot of technical terms and whatnot, I still found myself reading through it just to get to the "good parts".In the second part of the story there weren't a lot of those aforementioned technical terms and suddenly the story became more and more interesting.I loved the twist. I loved the main characters, their friendship, the use of three different languages (even though the French and German sentences were scattered throughout the story).Overall, the second part mostly saved the entire story for me.