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The Handmaid's Tale (Senior English Library) - Margaret Atwood I borrowed this book from my boyfriend. He once read it in school. I never did and I always wanted to; it sounded like an interesting enough story. My boyfriend hated it and I wanted to know for myself whether I would like it or not.First I have to say that I love dystopian novels. This was my first adult dystopian novel. And I liked it.I was shocked at how realistic and authentic Margaret Atwood described the world building. It seemed like it could happen anytime soon as well here in our time. That scared me a bit, but I was as well awed. Her writing style and Offred's reflections on her past and present life were so intense, I almost believed that I was Offred myself.I already knew that this was just a part of the story, that there wouldn't be a satisfying and concluding end to it. But that was okay.What put me off a bit was Offred's behaviour in the last fifty pages or so. She seemed suddenly irrational and she acted differently than she would have at the beginning of the story. It was unnerving and the only thing that really irked me.I hope to enjoy more of Margaret Atwood's writing in the future.