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Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler, Maira Kalman I feel devastated for Min. Why do boys sometimes be like that to girls? Why do they behave that way? I'm crying for Min.Min is a one-of-a-kind girl, I would say. I didn't like her from the beginning, but she sure did grow on me. She is a bright and funny and lovable character. I loved how she was comparing a lot of scenes to old movies. How she loved coffee, how she made a bitter sixteen cake for her best friend.Ed on the other side I did not like. Not at all. I don't know if that was Daniel Handler's purpose. To not like the ex. To sympathize with Min in the first place. But I just did not like Ed. He was what he was. A jock. A cliché of a jock. He was everything you have seen in movies and read in books. I just don't understand what Min did see in him. She probably was blinded by his beauty. Seeing him through rose-colored glasses. I still despised him. I knew from the beginning that he was not good for Min.And the writing! I have to say something about the beautiful, beautiful writing. This was my first Daniel Handler novel and I didn't know his writing style. I have to say that I was captivated from the beginning. I was instantly carried away by this stream of consciousness. I felt like I was Min, like I would live through her relationship once again. Like I was the one being hurt by Ed. I feel like I just broke up with Ed.There was just this one tiny thing that annoyed throughout the whole story. Min and Ed's relationship lasted about five weeks. Five weeks! It just didn't seem that authentic in my mind. It was a roller coaster of emotions. A too short roller coaster ride. I would have liked it better when the period of time lasted a bit longer. Maybe five months. Five months would have been much nicer. On the other hand maybe that was Daniel Handler's aim. To show how fast something can end without it even having started.I'll give this novel 4.5 stars. It was a story I will cherish and remember.