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Paper Towns - John Green This book was sitting on my shelf for almost a year and then I thought that I had to finally read it. And I did.There were three parts of the story and I liked the first and the last one the most. The first one because it included the little adventure Margo and Q did have and the third part because that was the part with the road trip. And I love road trips.I thought that in the second part there was too much obsession on Q's part because of Margo Roth Spiegelman and that it seemed to lead nowhere and yeah, it kind of dragged a bit for me.Also, I liked Radar and Ben. And Q of course. Great characters and typical three-way-John-Green-friendships. They were hilarious and great and there was nothing not to like about their friendship.Really liked this novel. The last few pages make me think. I think I'm gonna reread it sometime to see if I missed anything or if anything will change while reading.