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Inside Out (Insider, #1) - Maria V. Snyder At first I didn't really know what to think of the story. I got thrown in right at the beginning and I didn't know a thing about the world the main character, Trella, lived in. But a few chapters in and it got pretty interesting.I liked Trella a lot. She had a personality. She thought for herself and didn't trust anyone in order to protect herself from being hurt. You could emphasize with her and she seemed very authentic.The story was very gripping at about halfway through and I couldn't stop reading until I had finished it.Also the writing was pretty impressive. It was easy to follow the story and had a "good ring" to it.It had a nice ending and it could have been a standalone book, but especially because there is no cliffhanger, I am very excited to see how the sequel will turn out.Definitely a great read!