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Fat Kid Rules The World - K.L. Going, Kelly Going I think this was just not my type of book.I hated the whiny main character Troy. Always emphasizing how fat and unpopular he is, boohoo. And instead of doing something against his obesity he eats when he's frustrated. So it's his own fault and I don't want to read any more complaints about how someone is fat and then arrgh!!Also Curt. The second character. Alright, he's a good musician, but that doesn't mean that he's above everyone else. It's not okay to have a drug addiction and although those pills are prescription that doesn't mean that they are meant for Curt to take.These characters just make me angry. The only ones I liked where Troy's father and Ollie. They were more authentic than the main characters and they wouldn't agitate me.I had to force myself to go through this less than 200 page story and I thought I would read it in one sitting, as I've seen the movie trailer and that sounded promising. I didn't know that there was a novel based on the movie, so as soon as I found out, I wanted to read it. But obviously it didn't do me any good.Probably just not my cup of tea.