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Saving June - Hannah Harrington At first I didn't know whether I would like this story or not. But I loved the author's second book, Speechless, so I thought that this one must be good. And I wasn't disappointed.The main character, Harper, is introduced at a wake. Her older sister has killed herself and has left Harper and her mother to pick up the pieces. While her parents want to actually split (!!) the ashes of their oldest daughter, Harper thinks of a better way to give her older sister June a finale she surely deserved. She wants to go to California and scatter her ashes there, as she knew that June wanted always to go to there. That's how the story unravels.I loved how Harper's character developed throughout the story. At first she isn't able to feel anything but anger. She didn't even cry at her sisters' funeral. But then she starts to open up and she kind of grows on me.I think I can relate a bit to her situation. To how she feels. I also have a sister, although a younger one. And although we are not that close, as our age difference is kind of big, I couldn't imagine life without her. Moreover, she's been always the perfect child I never lived up to be when I was her age, just like Harper lives in her sisters' shadow. Even after she has died.I loved the writing style, of course. It was already really great in Speechless, so I expected nothing less from the author.Also the mixtapes and the aspect of the road trip were really awesome. I love books with one or the other, but both in one book is just great.It reminded me of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, with the road trip and the mixtapes and also the grieving process, but it was still different.I loved this novel.