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Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, #1) - J.L. Bryan Jenny is cursed. She can't touch people. Until there is this one person she is able to touch.I liked the premise of the story. I liked that it was for free for my Kindle.And for a story that you can get for free, it was pretty good.I liked Jenny's character. She grew throughout the story. And I also liked her nemesis, Ashleigh. I liked reading her parts, her plotting schemes and I thought her character was really well done.Now to the negatives.I think that the few "naughty scenes" didn't fit into the story. They were there and I actually have nothing against a bit of romance and/or sex. But I just think that it was inappropriate in that story.Also I didn't like the ending. The end of Chapter 24 would have been a perfect ending, but no, there had to be two more chapters.Otherwise I liked the story and I will continue the trilogy.