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Diary of a Wimpy Kid  - Jeff Kinney So I like middle grade fiction and I like comics. I also like books written in a diary type of style.But I didn't really like this one. It was just meh. And I know that it is for a younger audience (the book itself says it's for ages nine and up) and that maybe that's why I didn't like it.But no. I just thought that the main character Greg was a mean little punk and that if kids in middle school or younger will read this they'll get probably a few wrong ideas.Greg's only thinking about himself and does everything not to get into trouble.At the end, just when I thought that Greg maybe has learned something from his bad behaviour, he goes and makes one stupid thing after the other.I just was disappointed in the main character. Although I really liked Rowley, Greg's best friend. He seemed adorable.I don't think that I will continue the series. I just don't.