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Pandemonium (Delirium, #2) - Lauren Oliver I meant to read this book last year, when it came out because I really, really enjoyed Delirium a lot. But somehow I never came arount to reading it. Now that the third and final part of the trilogy is out, I thought it was the perfect opportunity and I practically flew through it!There was so much action and I loved the switches between the "then" and "now" chapters.But somehow I couldn't stay Julian. I mean, he seemed like a good person, but he is not the right guy for Lena, or is he?Also: Why weren't there any Alex moments? That was a minus for me; therefore just four out of five stars.And then the cliffhanger. Wowza. But I somehow expected this. There had to happen something like this.I'm now more than excited to finally read Requiem!