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The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick I didn't really know what to expect of this book.I knew that there was football involved. And I'm not a big fan of sports. But in this novel it just was a part of Pat's character. He loved football and he went to games and he cheered for the Eagles and I actually enjoyed those parts.The story was at first a bit of a mystery. Pat is released from a mental health clinic and the reader doesn't know why he was admitted there at all. But as the story unfolds everything becomes clearer and clearer. As well for the reader as for Pat.I also liked Pat's therapist. And Tiffany. And Pat's mom. They all were so lovable and authentic characters.The details in the story were amazing. I just loved this story.I've also seen the movie afterwards and although it was quite different than the original novel, which irked me a bit (but that's practically every movie that doesn't follow the book), I liked it as well.All in all it was a great read and I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to know what was going to happen next.The writing style was also very nice and the story was easy to follow and quite fast-paced.I am eager to read more of Matthew Quick's books.