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Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen I think that this was such a cute story. It's a cute little story about first love told from two point of views.She is in love with him from the moment they meet. He is only bugged out by her.Bryce:He was such a boy in the beginning. Not liking girls. But what can you say as a boy at the age of eight? He just seemed weirded out by Juli.But as the story moves along, he grows as a character and he also grows on me a bit. I really like how he develops into the right direction.Juli:She is just so rad. I wish I knew a girl that was like her when I was her age.She is headstrong and kind and adventurous. She is a strong female lead and I loved that about her. I also like how she develops throughout the story. How she is able to really see behind the facade of the surface.I loved the whole story. It was just so adorable.Also. After starting to read the book I found out that there's a movie based on the novel. And I really want to see it so that I can compare it to the really great novel.edit: I've just seen the movie and it was just as adorable as the novel. There were slight differences, but what movie is exactly composed as the book? I just thought that it was cute and I loved it almost as much as the novel. Such a great story.