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Blood Red, Snow White - Marcus Sedgwick I loved the plot. I was intrigued at once. Russian fairy tales? Come on, that sounds awesome!The story evolves around Arthur Ransome, a British journalist, who travels to Russia to report from there during the First World War.The story is divided into three parts.Part One - A Russian Fairy Tale:That first part was just magical. It was told like a typical Russian fairy tale and I loved every part of it.Part Two - One Night in Moscow:That part was not that great. I had to force myself through it as I just found it, for the most parts at least, pretty boring.Part Three - A Fairy Tale, Ending:The last part was better than the second, but not as good as the first one. And although it is a fictional story it is not very far from the truth. The love story was not sappy and overdone, it was just plain real.I also liked the timeline at the end of the novel as well as the Russian inscriptions under every of the three parts. I would have wished to read more in Cyrillic, but it was nonetheless still a great novel.