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You Are So Undead to Me (Megan Berry, #1) - Stacey Jay I didn't like the beginning at all..I was just plain bored, but after a few chapters the Settler business got pretty interesting and I was pretty much hooked.I thought that the premise about a teenage girl being a shrink to recently deceased people was pretty much awesome, although I thought that there wasn't enough about those kind of cases.There was more teenage drama and Reanimated Corpses, short: RC's, and boy drama of course.But I still liked the story as well as the characters.I liked the antagonist, Monica or better known as the Monicster, the most. She was bitchy and beautiful and she kicked ass. I liked her a lot.The main character was also very likable and you could empathize with her pretty easily. I thought that her thoughts, which were often mumbo-jumbo, were excellently played out.I definitely will continue the series.