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Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout It was nice to read a bit of a background story about the Lux and what really happened to Dawson and Bethany.Getting to know Bethany and Dawson was adorable, they were such a cute couple. Their fate is more than unfortunate, it is aa tragic love story after all. It is more understandable now why Daemon is the way he is towards humans. As this was "only" a little bit of background info as well as a short story in the Lux series, I don't really have more to say to this, I enjoyed reading it and getting to know a bit more of the Lux's life from Dawson's point of view.I am excited to continue on with the series and see how Katy and Daemon's relationship will develop and how much of a role the story of Bethany and Dawson will maybe (?) play in it.