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(The Lying Game) By Sara Shepard (Author) Paperback on (Mar , 2011)

The Lying Game  - Sara Shepard 4.5 starsThis was my second attempt reading The Lying Game. The last time I guess that I wasn't in the mood for it.This time the mystery and suspense had a tight grip on me.I have seen the TV show when it first aired and I liked it. What I liked more was that the novel is almost completely different, so that everything I read was new to me.I liked the mystery theme and that the real Sutton was always following as Emma's ghost and that she had flashbacks of memories that she could not share with Emma.She writing style reminded me a lot of Pretty Little Liars. I thought that all of the descriptions of several brands and clothes were mostly unnecessary. This is also the only reason that I don't give this book a five-star-rating.This seems like a perfect summer read. It is not too thick and quite fast-paced. Although the mystery does not seem too light and also all the pranks..I was quite shocked to read about the things that Sutton and her friends have done. However, I'm eager to read the sequel to get to know what will happen next.