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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion I had high hopes for this one. Everyone, literally everyone, was gushing over this novel, saying it was so unique and different from everything they ever read in the zombie genre.I liked the premise of the book. Male zombie falls in love with a human girl. Is that even possible?But aside from the great writing I thought that it wasn't that great. The beginning was so boring, I almost fell asleep like three times reading the first 50 pages.But there had to be something good, so I kept reading it and at about page 100 it started to pick up. It was getting more interesting and I wanted to know how the story will develop.About halfway through I thought I would give this story a solid 4 stars, maybe even 4.5, but I thought that the ending was too unrealistic and too optimistic. It didn't quite fit into the story. Also there was so much change and it happened all too fast within a few pages.I've seen the movie trailer and I thought that it was hilarious, so I'll hopefully like the movie more than the book.Actually, I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. The story might get better. At least that's what I hope.