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Rebel Angels - Libba Bray As you may or may not know, I wasn't a big fan of A Great and Terrible Beauty. It took me ages to read through it.[b:Rebel Angels|51428|Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)|Libba Bray|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1333820283s/51428.jpg|1696926] has been on my bookshelf for so long now and it looked so longingly at me that I thought that I should finally read it. And I'm glad that I did!I loved this story. I loved the setting, London during the Victorian era. I loved the writing, everything!There was just that one thing that drove me crazy: Ann. She is the most hateful character that I've come upon in a long time. How can someone be that whiny and have such a low self-esteem?!Other than that I loved how the story unfolds, how Gemma as a character grows and her relationships with her family is developing.I'm absolutely enthralled! I want to read the last part of the trilogy quite soon.