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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline We have the year 2045. Poverty, famine and disease are spread all around the world. The people have wrecked the climate, nearly destroyed the planet. There is one form of escape from all of this: the OASIS. The OASIS is an online world, where everyone spends most of their time to escape from the real world because in the OASIS everything seems to be much, much better.Wade Watts, or rather: Parzival, is one of those people. He wants to find the Easter Egg, just like everyone else. The Easter Egg is what James Halliday, one of the founders of OASIS, put somewhere in the OASIS for someone to find. The Easter Egg is the inheritance of Halliday's company, the OASIS, as well as all of his money.Wade, living in a trailer park, also wants to find the Egg to find his way to prosperity. To find the Egg, you have to know a lot about the 80's pop culture, music, video games and movies. And Wade does know a lot.I thought that the world building was great. It was authentic and realistic and I liked how people tried to cope with their real lives and escaped into the OASIS.The concept of the hunt of the Egg and the 80's pop culture references were awesome, but somehow sad at the same time. The people almost never talked to each other in person, they mostly never even met. They just sad at home (or wherever they were) and moved their hands in front of them.I also liked the "villian", IOI, with their massive group of Sixers, who wanted to win the Egg to charge people for using the OASIS and thus taking it from a lot of people, as they simply cannot afford it.It was a fun and nice story and I think a movie adaptation would be suitable for this kind of story. I would definitely go see it.But this was the first book of the year that took me two whole weeks to read. It dragged on a few times and there where descriptions of game consoles that were too detailed. I just wanted the plot to go on sometimes. But other than that I'm glad to have finished it as it was all in all a really great read.