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Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism - Georgia Byng I first read this when it came out. I was twelve or thirteen at the time and I absolutely loved the story. I thought that it was time for a reread and I loved the story as I have loved it ten years ago.Molly Moon is an orphan and an outsider. She gets picked on from everybody and drifts into daydreams of flying away from the orphanage into a better world. Everything changes when she finds a book about hypnotism and that's where the adventure begins!I loved Molly Moon, she was my favorite character as a child and I still can emphatize with her. Also Petula, the pug, was so adorable. I loved that dog!Although the story is almost 400 pages long, I almost flew through the story. It was gripping and funny and I just adored it!