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Peter Pan & Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens - J.M. Barrie, Arthur Rackham Peter Pan:The story of Peter Pan was not my favorite as a child. I didn't even know the original story before.But as it was the book of the month for the Cray Club and as I had it on my shelves for years and years, I thought that it was time for finally reading it.It reminded me a bit of The Hobbit. It was fun and adventurous. Almost every chapter contained a different adventure that Peter Pan and his lost boys as well as Wendy were guided through.But I somehow didn't like Peter. Maybe I would have, if I had read the book as a child, but he wasn't a character I was being fond of. Also how women were treated at that time did not make me like this novel more. I didn't like how Wendy even liked to be treated as the lost boys' househould help. How she cleaned after them. Just no. Maybe that was how girls and women were treated at that time - not equally - but that just irks me.3/5Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens:I thought that this story was quite unnecessary. I didn't know the story at all. And I wouldn't have bothered to not know it now as well.It was quite dull and boring and there were only few parts that I enjoyed reading. There is not really much for me to say about it. I just didn't like it.2/5A total of: 2.75 stars